It is I, The Super-Hero of Thought

“Faith is a fatigue resulting from the attempt to preserve God’s integrity instead of one’s own.” How can this statement be both true and not atheistic?

The maxim, “the unexamined life is not worth living,” pragmatically implies a valuation, or “worth-the-effort-labor” of exploring what we might neatly fit into today’s conceptual explorations encapsulated by meditations on the phrase, “I am.”


One should always put the word, “God,” in quotes. Don’t let the deceivers keep you from doubting your way to the divine.

Faith gathers tightly all the fragments of things-me and declares soundly that “I am.”

Self-Ownership: I am my perspective

The evidence stacks up against us. Concluding that the lens is scratched is refuted by the “infinite” items out there, as projected by a failure to see the scratch on the lens. The proof against us is conspicuous and our humble self-criticism is no match for their confidence.