The Immaculate Perception

Our minds are circumscribed by our immediate reality but we stop short of the thought of it.

~ A Human Strategy.

If it is capable of promoting the intellect, then it proceeds from the “correct” to the recognition of the incorrect, and its passageway is confusion.  At some point our skepticism realizes that there is nothing truly correct; there is only that which survives our most rigorous examination.  I am not what I see. I am not even what I know. I am not “this” perspective. I am perspective it-self. I precede memory.

The beginning there was indistinguishable and undefinable due to its heretofore unbroken stability.

Then there was panic.

And then calm returned.

In the distinction now available, there was a before and an after, and cognitive severence between stability and instability. We infer: there must have been a “passageway” between the then undistinguished to the now distinguished, and there must also have been a recording device, like clay, a “memory”, into which a pre and a post experience, where the pressed could now be compared to former, unpressed clay.

This suggests at least three impressions: the prior unbroken innocence, the violent breaking of that innocence, and the new, acknowledged ruminating of both as an experience. As an “action” done upon us, only the violent breaking of the innocence came from “outside” the cognitive apparatus. The other two were represented by cognitive functioning. The “blank,” unpressed clay is itself a representation of a former state: it is the impression now of a lack of a direct pressing. And the rumination is the present act processing the comparison, of holding the two other “clay tablets” in few of the current clay tablet, pressed now with the distinction recognition itself.

Our universe and philosophy consists of …

  1. Two perceptions: Stability and instability,
  2. Accompanied by two reactions: Panic and a calm.
  3. Two things: impressions in a foreground and non-impressions in a background.
  4. A background and a foreground: the Memory (“clay tablets”) and things (“impressions in clay tablets”).
  5. The basic experience “repeats” itself.
  6. A library of perceptions, with copies of each clay impression stored within two filing systems: A timeline organizing a sequence of events and a looping script: Loss, panic, recovery.

This is the minimum of “things me” … the birth of the Self. A split between “I perceive” and “it,” as I perceived it.